Bringing you closer to nature through the power of steam

Samphire Sauna is a sustainable, Nordic-inspired sauna, which allows you to relax, reconnect with nature and benefit from the healing properties of heat and cold-water therapy – boosting circulation and the immune system in the process!

There is such joy in gathering a group of friends together, chatting and feeling the natural buzz of the endorphins generated by the sauna. Or in taking some time out for yourself, to sit back and unwind with no distractions, listen to the sound of the waves and feel the heat of the steam work it’s magic.

The sauna accommodates 4-5 people at a time (although we can do more on a rotation basis) and can be booked in advance.

Samphire Sauna is now based on the iconic Hastings Pier, overlookng the beautiful South Coast. We are open for both communal & private sessions; Friday – Monday.  To book a session and for more info, please visit the bookings page here.

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